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About Us

SM Money Flow

Sm Money Flow offers financial solutions to individual and non individual clients in India. Its expertise encompasses a range of asset classes including mutual funds, fixed income and insurance.

Arumugam Mohan Raj Proprietor of SM Money Flow- having more than 10 years of experience in Mutual Fund and Financial Services Industries.

Selvi Mohan Raj Director of SM Money Flow - Advisor of Life Insurance, General Insurance, and Health Insurance.

Our personalized approach bring to you an array of products and services suited for each of your investment needs. Our core philosophy is to help you navigate the ups and downs of the market and manage your investment portfolio risk and returns while paying close attention to your needs and the factors that may affect your individual circumstances.

We take pride in providing the roadmap to our clients to fulfil their Goals so that their dreams would come true and will be able to reach financial milestones. Started in 2013, It is also one the foremost players in the Insurance and Mutual Fund Sectors.

We provide our clients from different spheres attain their financial & life goals all the way through proper supervision of various avenues of personal finance. They are committed to provide proficientFinancial Planning services and uphold and disseminate the necessary domain knowledge and skill set and recommendation based on the clients specific requirements.

Our Philosophy

We endeavour to provide Financial Planning services which is independent, impartial, unprejudiced and transparent. We make our clients understand the Financial activities & facility to make informed decisions & cultivate long-term relationship with clients by guiding them through their pathway to Financial Freedom.

Quality Policy

"Sm Money Flow is dedicated to the quality policy that will make sure that its products and services fully cater to the needs of its clients at all times. The aim of the organization is to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction at all times."

Our Commitment

  • We always put our client's interest foremost before ours while advising.
  • We handhold our clients to achieve there financial milestones.
  • We identify with each of our client's unique needs, value and goals & undertake all possible measure in our endeavor to make their dreams come true.
  • We create the Financial Plan subject to well researched sound Financial Planning techniques for each client.
  • We work intensively with our clients and inform them during the Planning process so that they conversant enough to make smart decisions with their money.
  • Periodical Portfolio Review
  • Doorstep Services
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Customized Monthly Portfolio report (Mutual Funds and Insurance)
  • Periodical reminders regarding renewals and repayments
  • Unbiased Product Recommendations.



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Plot No. 77, Lakshmi Nagar,
4th Street, Shiva Vishnu Nagar,
Main Road, Manancherry,
Kundrathur, Chennai-600069.

+91 70107 84945
+91 97899 71067

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